Savannah Collection

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Preserving and protecting Africa’s incredible biodiversity and wildlife is the main goal of Projects Abroad’s African Savannah Conservation Project.

The Savannah is a breeding ground for a diverse range of wild animals and home to more than 450 bird species and over 50 species of mammal.

More than 100 critically endangered Giraffe and elephant (some 10% of the world population which remains in the wild today) live in the Savannah.

Our main research focus is on the Elephants and Giraffe and we conduct research on these animals as part of a larger project with other Savannahs.

This research is shared with other conservation authorities with similar aims to ensure the survival of Africa’s wildlife for future generations.

Ultimately, these joint research efforts could determine the fate of this sub species.

We donate part of the money to the conservation of the Savannah in Africa.