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Broke something and wondered how to fix it? Save your bucks, and use the Wow! 5 Sec Fix now! The Wow! 5 Sec Fix is currently the only available pen that uses a kind of Strong Liquid Plastic Welding Compound that can magically Fix Almost Everything in your household - in less than 5 seconds.

The most important thing with the Wow! 5 Sec Fix is that it doesn't make your place messy! No Spills, No Odor. The Wow! 5 Sec Fix is truly a game changer. The UV light uses the latest Military Grade technology, which is also the secret to create a perfect seal within 5 seconds.

The strong chemical bond is so strong it's almost impossible to break apart - no matter what it takes. The Wow! 5 Sec Fix is specially designed to work perfectly on ANYTHING including metal, plastic, wood, glass and much more. It is the ONLY tool you need to fix ALL your things.

This may be the best investment you ever make to protect your valuable belongings. You will NEVER need to be worry about breaking your things in your house anymore.

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1. How is the Wow! 5 Sec Fix different from other glues?
Ordinary glue requires pressure between two parts to work. The Wow! 5 Sec Fix uses Liquid Plastic Welding Compound, a type of liquid that has strong adhesive property and only hardens under UV light.

2. Can the Wow! 5 Sec Fix harden without UV light?
No, the Wow! 5 Sec Fix will only work if you use the UV light provided. This allows you to adjust the object before fixing it in place.

3. Is there a refill for the Wow! 5 Sec Fix?
No, the Wow! 5 Sec Fix does not have a refill.

4. What is the life expectancy of the Wow! 5 Sec Fix?
After every use, make sure to close it tight, and it could last as long as 2 years (stored under room temperature), but we have experienced much long time. So you're safe to buy more now!

5. What is the capacity of the Wow! 5 Sec Fix?
The Wow! 5 Sec Fix has approximately 8mL of liquid plastic welding compound in it.

6. Can I use the Wow! 5 Sec Fix to connect parts that have small contact surfaces?
Yes, the Wow! 5 Sec Fix is perfect for small surfaces - as small as a few millimeters!

7. Can I use the Wow! 5 Sec Fix to fix jars, bowls, glasses, and other food utensils?
No, the Wow! 5 Sec Fix is not tested with food, and it is highly not recommended to use for food.

8. Should I keep the Wow! 5 Sec Fix away from my kids?
Yes, the Wow! 5 Sec Fix should be kept in a place where your kids couldn't reach. Please be informed that kids should only use under the guidance of an adult.

9. Can I use the Wow! 5 Sec Fix on wet surfaces?
Yes, as long as the surface is only wet but not greasy, then you can achieve the strong bond depending on the structure of the surface.

10. Do you have an instruction manual on how to use the Wow! 5 Sec Fix?
Yes, for a full list of instruction manuals, please visit our User Guide Instructions.

11. Are there any safety issues related to the Wow! 5 Sec Fix?
The Wow! 5 Sec Fix is designed ONLY for objects that are not supposed to be eaten. There has been concern that this material may cause irritation, cancer or mutations, but there is not enough data to make an assessment. As long as it is not in contact with your food or your kids, it is absolutely safe.

The glue is really hardens from ultraviolet radiation.
The quality pencil packaging not very good, iron tip broke immediately. probably glued once. if it does not dry up the glue and a couple of weeks will be more glue is a normal product. Toy glue.
In the store is not the most favorable price, not fast shipping.

★★★★★Five Stars

By Anonymous Customer12 Sep 2016 12:04

It is a more like liquid plastic, not a glue.

★★★★★Five Stars

By Anonymous Customer20 Oct 2016 10:01

Came quickly, not yet tried in

★★★★☆ Four Stars

By F***o T.07 Jan 2017 17:52

After almost 2 months i hope out, arrived!

★★★★★Five Stars

By V***n S.11 Nov 2016 07:1805 Dec 2016 11:13

★★★☆☆Three Stars

By S***y B.14 Sep 2016 06:09

Glue is not flowing. metal tip goes into. connection is not enough strong.

☆☆☆☆One Star

By Anonymous Customer13 Nov 2016 21:55

It do not do what you show
It do not work
bad glue

★★★★★Five Stars

By Anonymous Customer04 Nov 2016 04:57

Super glue, the main thing you can always подлезти. aaa +++

★★★★★Five Stars

By Anonymous Customer27 Oct 2016 23:17


★★★★★Five Stars

By M***D A.20 Oct 2016 10:24

Thanks for good item and fast delivery

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